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WEDCO provides the tools for successful business development in New Hampshire's Lakes Region.  They have become a partner to us, offering our company the means to purchase state-of-the-art technology for expanding our plant operations.

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December 1998

The New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development recognizes Wentworth Economic Development Corporation for Excellence in Community Economic Development for developing and implementing regioinal economic development strategies and programs.




January 9, 2001

The Directors of the Lakes Region Charitable Foundation

Express their appreciation to the staff and volunteers of the Wentworth Economic Development Corporation for their spirit of adventure in creating NHmade.com, “New Hampshire’s newest village.”  Through your inspired vision and determined efforts, the opportunities presented by the World Wide Web became a reality for craft makers and merchants in the Wolfeboro area and served as an example to the state of New Hampshire

Lewis M. Feldstein, President of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation                 

William K. Goetz, Chair of the Lakes Region Charitable Foundation




October 30, 2002

We were pleased to learn that the application for funding from the Community Development Block Grant program to build a day care in the Town of Milton was approved.  We believe that there is clear and ample evidence of the need for a day care to assist the residents of Milton in caring for children. 

The Wentworth Economic Development Corporation (WEDCO) played a vital part of enabling the County and the town of Milton to receive these funds.  Your efforts, together with the proponents of the day care facility, residents of Milton, and other key personas are to be commended.  Your organization persevered despite two years of setbacks.  You never gave up; in fact, you "redoubled" your efforts to ensure sucess.

There is no question in our minds that the program would never have been successful without your assistance.

We want to wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors in assisting small towns in pursuing big projects.

Very truly yours,

Strafford County Commissioners

George Maglaras, Chairman

Paul J. Dumont, Vice Chairman

Ronald R. Chagnon, Clerk



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